Lead singer Akeem D. Abraham, a Grenadian Urban Reggae/ Pop Reggae artiste based in Grenada, decided that in order to enhance his career, he branded himself “A#keem” and then became part of the Grenadian Entertainment Brand, Spice Concoction.

“I believe everything we will ever need can be provided by our dear friend Mother nature. I want to create a sound that echos her name, her melodious entities. The basis of music and musical instruments came from nature, so today I claim nature! I claim her beauty! I claim her joy ! I claim her sounds! I claim her music!”

And it was by this belief that the Band “Nature Claim” was born as the supporting case to his personal brand.

On the 6th October 2015, Nature Claim began their first rehearsal session with a Lead singer, A#keem, and two backup singers, Aaliyah , and LaToya. As the journey continued, the talented Frank Mason, most referred to as Rasta Frank was added to the Band as the lead guitarist, and thereafter, the drummer, Kevin Bullen. Kevin immediately demonstrated his talent and versatility to the Band with his flexible drumming on both African Bongo Drums and Trap Set Drums allowing him to capture both the authentic acoustic sound, and the sweet live sound of a drum Kit as the Trap Set is locally known.

Nature Claim is confident and passionate about the future and of growth from where it began and where it plans to be as each day passes, as the talents explode, the friendship of the members grows and as the Claim to make music and great music, a reality and a dream come true.