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What is the Artiste in Residence project?

This project is a great way to develop cultural exchange, which is fun and challenging for both sides.

Two visiting artistes have been invited to stay for a longer period in Grenada to be able to connect to local artistes and put together a unique program in a specific genre. Bringing together of artistes to help exchange and develop by meeting new people. The audience benefits from a truly unique result of this cultural and musical exchanges.

Gospel Allstar Singers:
For the Gospel Project, Pure Grenada Music Festival invited a very talented piano player and singer from Switzerland, Hendrix Ackle, who plays in the tradition of New Orleans Blues and Jazz and certainly will be able to share his experiences with the 11 best Gospel singers in Grenada and visa versa, lighting up everyones creativity. Under the guidance of Pastor Standford Simon the Gospel singers met and made their choice of songs. This list has been exchanged with Hendrix Ackle in Switzerland as a first step. Both sides are very excited about this musical dialogue.

Pan Allstars:
Andy Narell, the world known steel pan player and composer from New York, has been invited to bring this concept to a fruitful artistic exchange in the genre of steel pan. Jerry Rappaport, Grammy award winning music veteran from New York living in Grenada for 20 years, is the project leader and he is in the process of putting together the team of steel pan players to follow the same process as the Gospel singers.

The Pure Grenada Music Festival is in every sense unique, surprising and so much fun.

The 2016 Pure Music Grenada Music Festival will feature music workshops, which are a beautiful way to interchange knowledge and experiences, and also enhance the overall festival experience for musicians. Each session will provide both a window to the world for the Grenadian artiste, and a door to Grenada for the international facilitators.

Estelle: Voice. Q&A Session. Monday 4th April, 4.30pm

Eddie Bullen & Band: Piano, Bass, Drums. Today’s Musician and Music Business. Tuesday 5th April, 1pm

Roman Weissert: Saxophone. How to be NOT an annoying Sax player. Thursday 7th April, 1pm

Zara Mc Farlane: Jazz Workshop, Vocal Performances. Thursday 7th April, 3pm

Junior Giscombe: Voice. Q&A Session. Friday 8th April, 1pm

Hendrix Ackle: Piano. The Art of Accompanying. Saturday 9th April, 1pm