Backyard Concerts, because Greenz’ music is alive

Aren’t you craving the excitement of a live music performance? Since April 2020, when Covid-19 struck, we are all yearning for this essential joy in life. So, Music & Beyond alongside Grenadian musicians have stepped up to that Covid-19 challenge and we have a result you will love.

A brand new initiative to bring live music directly to you into your backyard, into your living room, your garden, wherever you wish to experience a truly unique live music performance together with friends and family.

Imagine your personally selected circle of not more than 20 people which allows complete adherence to Covid-19 protocols in a space you love and music of your choice – live, unplugged and straight from the heart.

All available formations with their musical program of 45 minutes, the availability, the price and the contact details are available here:

A2G Duo

Amorelle Browne (vocals/flute) Godson Browne (piano)

Amorelle and Godson Browne call their musical program Couple Up as it features a perfect blend of timeless love songs from the late 70s to present. A2G Duo performs songs like “Just The Way You Are”, “Stay With You”, “If I Ain’t Got You” and “Still The One” featuring artistes like John Legend, Shania Twain, Billy Joel and Alicia Keys. This experience is complimented with Christmas Classics, Original Music and Poetry. Amorelle Browne is a versatile singer/songwriter, background vocalist, poet and musician. Godson Browne is an experienced multi-instrumentalist, music director, arranger/composer and music teacher. The settings for the Couple Up program are versatile too: Brunch/Lunch Concert, Afternoon Lime, Evening/Dinner Concert.

Availability: Sunday any time between 11:00am and 8:00pm (A2G needs 15 mins for setup & 15 mins for breakdown)

Technical requirements: 220v Grounded Electricity Supply (for the piano and speaker), the set-up area must be away from direct sunlight. If the host has an acoustic piano that is tuned and playable, and in an open space suitable for hosting their guests, then with their permission, that is all that would be needed for a full acoustic performance.

Payment: 300ecd for the 45mins program (cash or cheque, payable right after the concert)

Contact: Godson Browne,, 473-449 4402 (phone / what’s app)


Jonathan Francis (vocals) Thera Dowe (vocals) | Aaron Neptune (guitar) Alex Neptune (bass)


Jonathan Francis is a soulful singer who loves to engage the audience with his approach to his original songs and covers. His voice is soothing, strong yet sweet at the same time. Thera Dowe’s raspy tone along with her jazzy inflections will keep you zoned in as her body language and charisma bring life to the song. Aaron Neptune and Alex Neptune are biological brothers but also soul brothers who work together seamlessly creating a bubble of emotional expressions with their music. The set is fun and engaging as well as current and classic. Next to original music by Jonathan Francis you can look forward to songs like “Love Like This” by Natasha Bedingfield, “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, “Unconditional Love” by Jah cure and “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye.

Availability: Monday – Thursday from 6:00 pm (Soulternative needs 15 mins for setup & 15 mins for breakdown)

Technical requirements: 110V Electricity Supply

Payment: 500ecd for the 45mins program (cash or cheque, payable right after the concert)

Contact: Jonathan Francis,, 473-422 2221 (phone / what’s app)


Sabrina Francis (vocals, percussion), Laura Lisa (vocals, percussion), Alesia Aird (guitar)


Sultra, an all female formation, plays mostly Sabrina’s and Laura Lisa’s original songs like “I’m Awake” and “Better Days” combined with some evergreens from Lovers Rock Music. They call their program Good for you Music. Two powerful voices and one smooth guitar… Sultra creates an atmosphere of positivity using uplifting music that is completely acoustic and soulful and comes with a cultural and Caribbean flare. All three of them are experienced artistes and hearing them perform together is a real treat. Whatever event you are planning with your family and friends Sultra will add the right emotional cushion to it.

Availability: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays anytime from 6:00pm

Technical requirements: 220v Grounded Electricity Supply

Payment: 450ecd for the 45mins program (cash or cheque, payable right after the concert)

Contact: Sabrina Francis,, 473-418 0483 (phone / what’s app)