Black Wizard (Elwlyn Mc Quilkin) hails from the village of La Digue in the parish of St. Andrew’s, Grenada.

He was bitten by the Calypso bug very early in his childhood but he was at age sixteen (16) when he ventured onto the National Calypso Stage.

In his long career, he has won many and received many awards:

  • Road March winner – 1988
  • Calypso Monarch – 1994, 2002, 2003
  • Independence Monarch – 1995
  • First runner up Caribbean Calypso – 1995
  • Received MBE medal from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2010

Wizard has performed throughout the Caribbean, Canada, USA and United Kingdom.

He has a huge repertoire which includes hits like: The IMF, Pan Man, Soca Feelings, New World Order, When the Carnival Over, OH Grenada to name a few.