This IS homeWith the onset of Covid-19 the entire entertainment and music industry all over the world came to a sudden standstill – also in Grenada: no shows, no concerts, no entertainment for tourists in the hotels.

Behind the scenes, ​Music&Beyond moved into action seeking music initiatives adversely affected by the pandemic and requiring a way forward.

Music&Beyond produced a CD featuring 9 current Grenadian singers with 10 original songs. The CD is called This is Home and is showcasing the wide range of Grenadian musical talent.

This CD is in all regards on a high quality level, such as the music production and the art work. Therefore next to showcasing Grenadians music this CD is a perfect tool to showcase Grenada, supported by a booklet with outstanding pictures from Grenada.

The production took place entirely in Grenada, with Grenadian artists and engineers (except the mastering and printing as these services are not available on the island) within 5 months.

Benefits for the artist

  • This project gives most of the artistes the opportunity to have for the first time one of their songs professionally released on a CD.
  • The artistes get a source of income.
  • Within the process the artistes get the opportunity to learn about the professional way to register a song.
  • There is also an online distribution of the CD and of the single songs.
  • In the difficult times of lock down and economical struggles the artistes participated in the production of a CD and got ready for the time when they will be able to perform again for the local and for the international market.

Benefits for Grenada

  • The CD will be a very attractive addition to the (short) list of products visitors will love to take home as a souvenir.
  • Something the Grenadians from the diaspora can be proud of to take with them back abroad.
  • There is high value in showing – as a small island – such a great variety of musical expression.
  • This CD can have a positive feedback into the music scene in Grenada.

The CD “This Is Home” has been released in August 2020.

This project was supported by GTA, the Grenada Tourism Authority.

Excerpt from the Press Release:

The production of the CD named “This is Home” after the well known and loved single recorded several years ago by Sabrina Francis, is well under way. Nine contemporary artistes, Zorina Andall​, ​Cryave​, Thamara Songbird St.Bernard, Mr Killa, ​Sonika​, ​Tamantha-Chole​, A#keem​, ​Laura Lisa​ and Sabrina Francis are showcasing the power of current musical talent of Grenada. The title song, Sabrina Francis’ “This Is Home”, gives an emotional point of gravitation not only for the artistes, but, Grenadians all over the world and visitors alike.

The positive energy of the experience with the live streams “Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive” proved fertile ground for this musical initiative. The CD is intended as a keepsake for when Grenada reopens its borders.  As Hollice Mapp aka ​Mr Killa​, one of the participating artistes, puts it:

“Grenada is the island of spice, of taste, of music. You taste the spice in your food, and now with this CD you can listen to the spice.”

Thamara St.Bernard​ backs this notion saying:

“My music is a little bit like an oil down, our national dish. It has a little bit of everything.”

Producers of the CD, Dieter Burkhalter and Sabrina Francis, proposed a re-recording of “This is Home”, sung by several artistes together highlighting one of the purposes of this project. Francis says:

“We finally get a moment to come together which we don’t get the chance to do that often. It’s fantastic camaraderie. Working together is a great bonding feeling.”

It has been 20 years since such a collation of Grenadian songs has been put together. While previous compilations would have featured mainly soca, the new CD “This is Home” proves that Grenadian music is alive and more diverse than ever before.

The outstanding photographs of Grenadian creative ​Teddy D. Frederick​ will be used as album cover art and the booklet within the CD will reflect the beauty of Grenada to make it even more attractive for visitors as a keepsake.

​Music&Beyond is immensely grateful for the financial support provided by ​Netherlands Insurance​, ​Le Phare Bleu​ and ​Island Fever Grenada ​noting that cognisant that the experience of not only withstanding but learning and growing in challenging times with support is priceless.

Link for ordering “This Is Home”: Order Now