It was in the year 2006 when a group of musicians were put together for the sole purpose of playing for a choir at a convention. It was easy for them to come together and play because these young energetic men knew each other and shared the same passion and love for music.

After the event they decided to stick together and form a band of their own comprised of six males making it an ‘all boys’ band. Soon, the need for another vocalist arose but the thought of having a female was never considered since it was the opinion of the ‘boys’ that “dem women does complicate things”. However, in 2008 a young lady who was also a friend of the band brought her experience and versatility and fitted in quite easily, so much as to be considered, one of the ‘boys’.

The band at the time needed a name since every time they made an appearance they had a different name. It was then that one of the guys said “alyuh real changing names, better y’all call the band Changes”. We all found great humor in this suggestion. Referring to the name ‘Changes’ on the spiritual aspect made us realize that it was not just perfect but it fell in line with our aim and desire to bring encouragement and positive change in the lives of the audience to whom we minister to.

In 2012, the band travelled to Trinidad for a National Men’s Event. In 2015 we were represented at a fundraising concert in Toronto. Also in 2015 we did our very first Dinghy Concert under the Pure Grenada Music Festival banner. We have done many other local events throughout the years, a lot of which are too numerous to mention. We have produced our very own original songs; “You’re My Everything”, “Can’t Resist It/Praising Jesus”, “When Jesus Come” and “Need You Now” just to name a few.

Today ‘Changes’ is proud to say that we have moved from being just a few ‘boys’ as friends to a family closely knitted, making music together and supporting each other in our personal, social and spiritual lives. The members are:

Lewis Andrew – Rhythm Guitar

Donney Best – Lead Guitar

Akim Abraham – Drums

Micaiah Williams – Keyboard

Duanel Bartholomew – Bass

Sinicar Henry-Rogers – Vocal

Tiffany Dowden – Vocal

Raphieal Munro – Engineer

We are, one band with one sound.