The Idea

A dinghy concert – what is that? It is what it says: a concert which can only be attended by dinghy! – For nonsailors there is still a mystery: What is a dinghy? These are the small tenders which each yacht is carrying to bring their sailors ashore from the anchoring yacht. So……it is a gig out at sea where the music reaches up to the fluffy clouds in the open sky; the stage is the old tug boat «CALICO» surrounded by the audience in their dinghys. For landlubbers there is a shuttle and a barge, so the dinghy concerts are not exclusively for sailors.

And it all happens on the south coast of Grenada, the home of Dieter Burkhalter who is the father of this unique event. It was always his dream to combine what he loves most: music and the Caribbean waters for sailing. Being also an entrepreneur and promoter Dieter provides even more. One song of each concert has to be about Grenada. It is recorded on a professional level and uploaded on youtube documenting the history of an outstanding project.