Music & Beyond seeks to assist in the development of musical talent in Grenada, including recognising talent, nurturing it, and providing the exposure and structure it needs to flourish.

Delivery of this mandate began in August 2015 with the launch of “Project Get Ready for the Big Stage”, which was a call to all bands/musicians within Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique to participate in a two-stage selection process for a chance to perform at the Pure Grenada Music Festival in April 2016, alongside some of the festival’s more internationally renowned artistes.

In the first phase, interested bands/musicians were asked to create and submit a short video of a live performance of their band doing an original song. In the second phase, all bands who submitted their raw video by deadline were invited to have their track recorded professionally. After the competition, all videos would be promoted on the festival’s social media.

Ten local bands participated in this project, giving live performances before a jury in October 2015. The five most promising bands selected to perform on the main stage (4 bands) and on the floating stage (1 band) were: Sabrina Francis, The Phoenix, Spice Rock, Jomo & Gylfi, and Soul Deep. All remaining bands will perform at the free mobile concerts being held in Gouyave and Grenville.

Between the bands of this competition, and the wide range of backup singers and musicians who will perform on various nights, this project has enabled more than 100 local artistes to become involved in the Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Watch videos of the Get Ready For the Big Stage performances:
Sabrina Francis
The Phoenix
Spice Rock
Jomo & Gylfi
Soul Deep
Love Vibes
Sheereen Brizan & The Inflectionz
A#keem & Nature Claim
Natty & Channel 12