Greenz Artiste CircleThe ongoing collaborations between the artistes during the Covid-19 enforced lockdown (Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive, Greenz’ Music is Alive, CD production “This is Home”) created the need to do even more together. The 28th of September 2020 a group of artistes met in the Mt Agnes Studio in Grenada to discuss the possibilities of a platform where artistes can share experiences in music marketing, learn about all the possibilities which are out there to earn money and create a community in which members are nurturing and supporting each other. It was decided to create a FB group called Greenz’ Artiste Conversation (G.M.C.), organize biweekly FB group sessions, regular workshops and all three months a get together for socializing. The G.M.C. is open for everybody who is interested and can contribute to the goals.