Greenz Music IS AliveThe momentum of the live streams “Let’z keep Greenz’ Music Alive” was maintained through a launch of the next series by Sabrina Francis. On Sunday at 2pm, the 28th of June, the 12th and the 26th of July three live concerts were showcasing even more of Grenadian musical talent.
With this series ECD 3’000 (USD 1’100) have been collected as donations.

The artistes seized the chance to promote the upcoming CD release of “This Is Home” and give everybody a chance not only to donate but also to pre-order the CD. The CD has been released in August 2020.

28.6.2020 Greenz’ Music IS Alive Part #1

12.7.2020 Greenz’ Music IS Alive Part #2

26.7.2020 Greenz’ Music IS Alive Part #3