Hendrix Ackle had to hit his 40’s before he could record his first veritable solo album. LOGBOOK has been released and with its peace and calmness is a musical depiction of his career.

It is not that Hendrix Ackle had not always written his own songs. While someone else might have started his own thing with a big bang, he decided to accompany different bands and artists on the keys. Cyrano, Betty Legler and Michael von der Heide were amongst his first positions.

Until he met Richard Cousins. He began to write songs with the former – and in the meantime again active – bassist of the Robert Cray Band and finally formed the band Hendrix Cousins. Around the millennium the duo expanded to a band and recorded two albums. Beside others, Adrian Stern, a young guitarist played with them. Together they experimented in a fusion of afro-american soul, blues and funk and pop. Highly praised by the critics but only moderately successful with the broad audience, Hendrix Cousins toured Switzerland, and some parts of Europe, from England to White Russia. They accompanied Ivan Neville, an offspring of the great Neville Brothers Family from New Orleans. In doing so Hendrix Ackle’s deepened musical skills strengthen his reputation as a competent musician on the organ, the piano and at the same time his qualities as singer and song writer surfaced.

Subsequently he worked with Pippo Pollina, Tom Krailing, Dada (ante portas), Stop the Shoppers, the Lovebugs, Sina, Adrian Weyermmann, Gigi Moto, Trummer, the Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Max Lässer, Lee Everton… In the first years of 2000s he followed Philipp Fankhauser’s call and is since a set member of his band.

In the course of the last few years, the desire to make his own music became stronger and Hendrix Ackle started to compose again, attaching and joining sounds and words. Slowly first and with deliberation, knocking down everything to start again. And eventually it all seemed to fit. The logbook was written, a long journey ended and it was time to start a new journey…