Jomo and Gylfi – the Band are a five piece band whose members are Jomo Kirton, Gylfi Hilmisson, Lisa McDonald, Dexter Yawching and Selwyn ‘Kungfu’ Pitt.

Jomo and Gylfi, the nucleus of the band, have been playing together for six years in Grenada. Their music is influenced by all kinds of styles, ranging from blues, R&B and classical music to rock and roll. Gylfi has been writing, producing and recording songs in his studio for a number of years and back in the day, he was a finalist in the Icelandic Eurovision song contest finals. Jomo has been singing for as long as he can remember and is an active member of the RKD Theatre Company performing dramas, comedies and musicals. He like Lisa McDonald has one foot in classical music productions. Lisa most recently performed in the Grenada Spicy Diva’s concert. She has recently returned from Tobago where she had been singing for years. Dexter Yawching, the cool cat of the outfit, is known for playing bass in the jazz band “Quiet Fire” and ‘Kungfu,’ the drummer, is well known and loved in Grenada for his musical prowess playing at all the hotspots around the island.

Jomo and Gylfi – The Band, play an infectious blend of Latin, Caribbean and rock and roll music with strong melodic and harmonic vocal lines against a good old rhythm and blues backdrop. A truly exciting part of Grenada’s music scene.