Let'z keep greenz music alive

It all started with a shock, the realization that with Covid-19 gatherings of people won’t be possible for many many months to come. No shows, no concerts, no entertainment for tourists in the hotels. The whole entertainment and music industry all over the world came to a sudden standstill. And it became clear very quickly that it will be the last to be back on track again. But what popped up instantly were live streams on social media.

Between the 10th of May and the 7th of June fifteen singers and musicians have reached and entertained 45’000 viewers from all over the world. Over ECD 8’300 (USD 3’100) have been collected for further projects to support Grenadian musicians.

Dieter Burkhalter, founder of Music&Beyond​, was surprised and pleased with the success of “Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive”.

“It is amazing what new opportunities technology is offering us. We tried to bring the live stream at an elevated standard and to make the interaction purposeful. The response from the audience shows us that this effort is very much appreciated.”

The positive energy of this experience proved fertile ground for yet another musical initiative – a CD compilation with artistes involved in “Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive”.  More specifically, the CD is intended as a keepsake for when Grenada reopens its borders.  As Hollice Mapp aka ​Mr Killa​, one of the participating artistes, puts it:

“Grenada is the island of spice, of taste, of music. You taste the spice in your food, and now with this CD you can listen to the spice.”

Thamara St.Bernard​ backs this notion saying:

“My music is a little bit like an oil down, our national dish. It has a little bit of everything.”

Music&Beyond is immensely grateful for the financial support provided by ​Netherlands Insurance​, ​Le Phare Bleu​ and ​Island Fever Grenada ​noting that cognisant that the experience of not only withstanding but learning and growing in challenging times with support is priceless. Music&Beyond remains committed to taking action that maintains positivity and empowers musicians in Grenada in innovative ways.

10.5.2020 Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive Part #1

24.5.2020 Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive Part #2

7.6.2020 Let’z Keep Greenz’ Music Alive Part #3