“Live…On The Beach” is an initiative of Music & Beyond to encourage local bands to write original songs. Under this programme, Grenadian bands are first invited to create an original song. Then, during a live performance before a panel of judges, each band is given 30 minutes in which to showcase their musical talent and perform at least one original song.

Two “Live…On The Beach” competitions have been held to date:

December 2014
Participating bands: Sonika & The Phoenix, Sabrina Francis & F.L.O.M., Love Vibes, Zeleka Peters, and Christel La Guerre.
Best original song: “Worth It” by Sabrina Francis & F.L.O.M.
Watch videos of the performances:
Sabrina Francis & F.L.O.M.: Worth It
Christel La Guerre
Love Vibes
Zeleka Peters

July 2014
Participating bands: Soul Deep, Sonika & The Leopards, Tammy & The Cosmos, Sabrina & the navigators, and Spice Rock.
Best original song: “Reggae Anthem” by Spice Rock
Watch a video of the performances here!