12565603_1031881616853029_702469078474440774_nMusic & Beyond is a locally registered non-profit organisation whose goal is to raise funds to build a legacy for the development of Grenada’s local musical talent so that critically needed support can be provided to musicians.

By organising projects and events, Music & Beyond provides the perfect platform to broaden the abilities of talented Grenadian musicians, and produce opportunities for artistes to meet, socialise, network, learn from what each other is doing, and give them exposure to a larger market of listeners.

Participants in our projects must be self-motivated, self-driven, and active Grenadian musicians currently living in Grenada. All musical genres will be considered, but any kind of support must to be in relation to their own efforts to achieve a goal, and must be band-orientated; no individual stipends will be supported.

Music & Beyond continually strives to better support the music industry in Grenada, and the following efforts are ongoing or under consideration:

  1. Music & Beyond is endeavouring to formulate a network between the Government of Grenada and local musicians in order for performing artistes to receive concessions on the importation of musical instruments.
  2. Music & Beyond projects provide an infrastructure of sound equipment and instruments for the benefit of local musicians.
  3. Music & Beyond is endeavouring to develop partnerships with international musicians, to bring them to Grenada to conduct workshops and projects that will enhance the skills of local musicians.
  4. Music & Beyond intends to formulate partnerships with other Caribbean festivals and musicians which, in the end, will benefit everyone who starts doing something musically in Grenada.