Dieter Burkhalter

dieter burkhalterMusician, producer, promoter, entrepreneur

In Switzerland, where Dieter is from, he studied piano, started many bands in which he played keyboard, and recorded several albums. At the age of 22, Dieter opened his own music shop, which he ran for more than 15 years, and started and managed a private music school with 450 students. In 2006, Dieter moved to Grenada with his wife Jana, with whom he built Le Phare Bleu, a boutique hotel and marina on the south coast of Grenada. He now holds a Grenadian passport.

Dieter’s deep love for music, his creativity, and his exceptional qualities as an organiser, producer, and music engineer, have driven his involvement in Grenada’s music industry. He has organised dozens of unique ‘floating’ dinghy concerts, weekly musical entertainment at Le Phare Bleu, special concerts throughout the island, and numerous music projects for Music & Beyond. He has been both keyboard player and manager for a number of local bands, most recently up-and-coming local singer/songwriter, Sabrina Francis. Last but not least, Dieter was founder and organiser of the Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Jana Caniga

jana canigaTeacher, journalist, entrepreneur

Jana Caniga has taken many different paths throughout her life. Originally born in former Czechoslovakia, Jana emigrated to Switzerland at the age of eight. She studied to become a teacher, but opted for a career in radio and television, and became a well-known news anchor at a prominent Swiss television company. After 14 years in journalism, Jana took over responsibility of the large-scale cultural foundation for the biggest retailer in Switzerland, was responsible for their multi-million Swiss Francs project for the Swiss National Exposition in 2002, and then took her first steps towards entrepreneurism by opening a high-end Swiss restaurant. In 2006, Jana moved to Grenada with her husband Dieter, where they together built Le Phare Bleu, a boutique hotel and marina. She now holds a Grenadian passport, and is the Swiss Consulate in Grenada.

Jana’s strong organisational and management skills beautifully complement Dieter’s musical background and talents, and she has worked hand-in-hand with him, often behind the scenes, on all of their music endeavors on the island. Jana was founder and Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Pure Grenada Music Festival.