Pan WizardsRiver Road Pan Wizards was founded in 1988 by the late Kenneth “Teloti” Hood.

In 1993, the band went through a period of dormancy and was reorganized with new energy in 1996 under the leadership of Michael “Blaize” Robertson. Pan Wizards makes every effort to ensure that the orchestra is not just another steel band where people learn to play pan. Instead, we try to be a well-rounded community organization where all aspects of positive education can be sought after. The band spends useful hours educating youths about drugs, alcohol and AIDS, since the band comprises of mainly young people ranging from age five (5) and up to their early twenties.

The growth and maturity of the steel orchestra has been steady. The band moved from sixteen players (16) and a borrowed canopy in 1996, to a projected eighty-five (85) players and a fully canopied band in just three years. This was due to the dedication of the River Road Community and the unwavering support of Coca Cola who were the sponsors of the band up until 2006.

River Road Pan Wizards is now sponsored by Steele’s Auto Supplies Co. Ltd. and carries the name Suzuki Pan Wizards. We are also supported by Jonas Browne & Hubbard (G’da) Limited, Food Fair Division, who are the sponsors of the Junior arm of the Band.

Past Achievements:

Panorama 1998 – 2nd Position
Panorama 2000 – 2nd Position
Panorama 2002 – 2nd Position
Panorama 2004 – Panorama Champions
Panorama 2005 – 2nd Position
Panorama 2008 – 3rd Position
Panorama 2009 – 2nd Position
Panorama 2013- 3rd Position

At the Junior Panorama level:

The Band has always placed in the top three positions in the competition
2006…..1st Position
2005…..1st Position
Bomb Tune:

2004……1st Position
2009……2nd Position
2010……3rd Position

Lions Club Ole Mas:

1999…..2nd Position
2000…..1st Position

Panyard Judging:

2009…….1st Position

The band visited and performed in Miami, St Lucia and Trinidad. Performances are regularly held at various hotels, parties, weddings, and also at charitable and social functions.

The band also performs at Spice Basket and Blue Horizons Hotel. Additionally, on weekends performances take place on Saturdays from 9pm to 11pm at the Grenadian by Rex Resorts and on Sundays from 9pm to 10pm at Sandals La Source Hotel.

Suzuki Pan Wizards continues to strive for excellence and continues in its effort to positively influence and educate the youths. The band expects to see growth in membership and anticipates continued support from its current sponsors at both the senior and junior levels.

Find us on Facebook: Pan Wizards….Bad Like Yaaz
You Tube: Pan Wizards

Manager/Arranger: Michael Robertson
Cell phone contact: 1-473-420 2147