Quiet FireThe band ‘QUIET FIRE” was conceptualized in 2002, with the intention of producing an original sound with high quality music. Regardless of the music played, the major objective is to produce unique music of a high quality. In order to achieve this goal, many practice hours were spent before the band performed publicly. The original members of the band – Mike Quinn, Dexter Yawching, Cecil Bartholomew and a drum machine – later replaced by Godwin John – labored in a store room on Tuesday nights working towards the goal of achieving that sound.

Mike Quinn is a rock guitarist and vocalist who played and sang throughout most of his college years with bands made up of qualified musicians and top performers. Dexter Yawching, the bassist from Trinidad and Tobago, brought the ’Trini’ rhythmic experience.  Cecil Bartholomew added his years of experience in classical and jazz musical approaches in playing guitar, composition and arranging, acquired through study with major classical and jazz guitar artists, together with performances in the United States, and Europe.

A unique sound emerged, having a rhythmic core, jazz chord progressions, rock solos, and lyrical melody lines added through classical guitar, and presently, the violin. Although the music has a tropical ‘feel’ the  musicians produce high quality lyrical melodies with appropriate harmonies.  Hence, with an energetic core ‘The Fire’, the band produce an energetic but ‘Quiet’ melodic temperament.  The name “QUIET FIRE” emerged.

Since 2002, with the exception of Mike Quinn, and Cecil Bartholomew, QUIET FIRE added and changed members; however, the quality of the music was never compromised, but evolved to new levels with focus on more original music. A very talented and highly schooled Cuban violinist joined the band, adding also  to the composing and arranging of the music with a Latin slant.

Over the years QUIET FIRE has been the band chosen by clubs, such as Pebbles, and the Rooftop for their openings; and also, played at Jazz events with Arturo Tapping, Ronald ‘Boo: Hinkson, Eddie Bullen, Rhythms of Summer, and many reputable venues and restaurants in Grenada.

Our present members are: Aixa Miguen (Violin), Allan Stafford (Drums), Mike Quinn (Guitar Synthesizer), Cecil Bartholomew (Classical and Jazz Guitar) and Randy Frank (Bass).