Inflectionz is a Grenadian singing group comprising of one female singer, 3 male singers, a bass guitarist, rhythm guitarist, 2 Keyboard Players and a percussionist/drummer. The group started officially in July of 2014 with a group of talented young people who are passionate about singing and music. The name of the group was derived from the term musical inflections.

Musical inflections are simply ways to make your singing or playing sound more exciting and entertaining to the listener. Making our music more exciting, entertaining and appealing to our audiences is what we strive to achieve at every performance. We perform a wide variety of music at Hotels, Cocktails, Parties, Concerts and other events. The group is typically known for its vocal harmonies, wide vocal ranges of singers and flexibility in terms of musical styles for both singers and musicians. The musical style ranges from Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Dance Hall to RnB and Gospel. The group is deeply rooted in Grenadian and Caribbean culture and heritage.

The group also promotes continuous development of its members by having a vocal coach on board who devotes a session to voice training and vocal arrangements at most practice sessions and by having experienced musicians who assist with the band occasionally.

Group Members:

Sheereen Brizan (Vocalist)

Halim Brizan  (Vocalist, Vocal Coach, Manager of Band)

Rashidi Mc Lawrence (Vocalist)

Dwayne Herry (Vocalist and Band Leader)

Isaac Boatswain (Keyboards)

Clevon Ettienne (Bass Guitarist)

Joseph Lewis (Keyboards)

Nathan Robinson (Rhythm Guitarist)

Keegan Gooding (Drums and Percussion)

Support Members

Isaac Fraser (Musician- Keyboard/Guitar/ Bass)

Kareem Lewis (Guitar)

Motto of the group: Let our infectious inflections warm your hearts and bring joy to your souls

Mission of the Group: To impact peoples lives in a positive way by making music more exciting, entertaining and soulful

Vision of the Group: To be among the best musical bands in Grenada and the Caribbean