Soul DeepSoul Deep is an all-Grenadian band that officially began on the 15th of November, 2013. It was conceived in the minds of Josh and Jeremy Hector, and came to life after a meeting with founding members Jerrod Nelson and Kavel Isaac, followed by the relentless support of Locksley Bowen.

After six months of constant rehearsing, Soul Deep emerged with a sound that many described as a “brand new flavour”. Quite an appeal came from the fact that music performed captured mature and younger audiences alike. Although Soul Deep is made up of young musicians, there is great appreciation for music from the past. As a result, we find joy in approaching older songs with a modern twist, while maintaining their integrity.

Soul Deep consistently aspires to bring newness to the musical environment in Grenada, the wider the Caribbean, and the world at large. This newness arises out of their approach to the art of musicianship.

During our performances, the audience can count on receiving both entertainment and upliftment. For this reason the name Soul Deep was chosen.

While there is an appreciation for a wide variety of genres, Soul Deep is predominantly a Funk-Soul and Smooth Jazz band; genres which are graced with a touch of the Caribbean.

To date, Soul Deep’s greatest achievement was performing on stage with international guitarist Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, and backing the world renowned British Collective at the Pure Grenada Music Festival last April. We understand that music is powerful, so we harness its power for positive influence. Coming to you from the Spice Island, Grenada…..we are Soul Deep!

Band Members

Josh Hector – Band Leader, Drummer, Vocalist

Jerrod Nelson – Bassist, Vocalist

Jeremy Hector – Lead Guitarist

Kavel Isaac – Keyboardist, Vocalist