Tammy Bmore affectionately known as TammyB, grew up in a very musical home. She officially embarked on her musical journey in late 2012/ early 2013, by singing with several popular live bands on the island until she formed her own acoustic band named The Cosmos. Tammy received her first big break with Baracuda and the Band on the big stage, where she opened for singer, songwriter and legendary calypso artist David Rudder. She later on performed at Naniki Jazz Festival, numerous public and private events and with musicians from all over the world.

With 5 years of performing experience, Tammy is an acclaimed neo soul singer and alternative R&B artist as marked by the 2015 release of her EP, aptly named, Lotus Blossom: A New Beginning.

Her career objective is to become an international recording, performing & world touring artiste while using her skills, abilities and knowledge to uplift people and make effective music.