The Phoenix came together on June 15, 2014, as the backing band for one of Grenada’s finest R&B singers, Sonika.

The name, “The Phoenix“, came about because of the band’s resilience. Despite its many challenges and, much like the mythical creature, the band would continually rise from its ashes. Over time, the band has evolved, retaining Targhyl “Bob” Thomas, as the sole original member and band leader.

Since the second quarter of 2015, the band, in its current composition, is comprised of Thomas and three additional members: Selon Joseph, the drummer; Micah St. Bernard, the keyboardist and Brent Mc Guire, the lead singer.

The Phoenix is quickly emerging as one of Grenada’s top R&B/Pop bands, receiving worthy commendation from highly regarded musicians, in connection to their individual and collective musical skills. Three of the four members are trained in music theory, at an advanced level, and Mc Guire is a skilled songwriter.

The band is currently working on expanding the framework within which it operates, in addition to producing original music, as it works towards its first EP.

The band’s vision is to showcase the talent, hidden within the beautiful island of Grenada, through exciting and inspiring music, working its way from a local (Grenadian) platform, to a regional and international one.

The four members of The Phoenix are now on a journey to positively impact the world through the only conduit at their disposal and in the only way they know how – MUSIC!


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Lead Vocalist: Brent Mc Guire

Bass: Targhyl Bob Thomas [Band Leader]

Drums: Selon Joseph

Keyboard: Micah St. Bernard