As a result of the intensive cooperation between Dieter Burkhalter and the singer/song writer Sabrina Francis the Wide Open Concert is the next step to show case Sabrina Francis to a wider audience in Grenada. At the same time it is a learning platform for organising, programming and managing a live concert with several guest artistes. It is a part of the marketing and branding strategy.

Grenada Wide Open Concert

The first Wide Open Concert took place the 27th of April 2019 on the beach lawn at Le Phare Bleu, Grenada. Attracting 600 spectators it was considered a success. Sabrina Francis had put on a whole show with guest artistes like Thamara Songbird St.Bernard, Tamantha-Chole, Loxton, Dash and Mr Killa. She said after this experience:

“Wide Open is a whole moment for me. The fact that I am able to celebrate a year of not only my music but other Grenadian artistes as well with my listeners is very humbling and encouraging.”

The second Wide Open Concert for Easter Saturday on the 11th of April 2020 was announced, banners placed and the ticket sale has started right when Covid-19 hit and the lockdown restrictions were installed. Music&Beyond stepped in right away and a couple of weeks later, a live stream of the “Wide Open – Six Feet Apart” concert on Easter Saturday was announced. Once again a totally new experience for Sabrina Francis.