In order to develop the various skills which a musical career demands workshops are an important tool. Music & Beyond doesn’t engage on the level of mastering an instrument meaning it doesn’t organize piano or saxophone lessons. This has to happen either in school or on an individual basis. But there is so much more to know about how a live show works. The Pure Grenada Music Festival was an excellent platform to engage the international artists to interchange knowledge and experience. Each session provided both a window to the world for the Grenadian artistes, and a door to Grenada for the international facilitators.

See the different workshops below:


Sound Engineering: Recording Vocals 21st April

A half day workshop providing a basic intro on how to record vocals like a pro. If you are an aspiring or established producer, engineer, mixer, or even a recording artist, songwriter or otherwise connected to recorded music, this course is a primary foundation for your art and craft.

Cost: $50 EC Location: Seminar room, Le Phare Bleu, Petit Calivigny

Facilitator: Helge Van Dyk – Swiss Engineer, Recording Producer with several years of experience in the industry.

Vocal Training 24th February

Singers, take your voice to the next level with this foundational course in voice knowledge and technique.

Participants will learn the art of taking their voice to the next level through foundational knowledge of the voice as an instrument and how to get the most from it regardless of level and to suit any style.

– Mastering vocal techniques
– Understanding vocal placement
– Linguistics
– Voice care
– Ear training
– Mastering riffs and runs
– Merging breathing, diction and expression
– Understanding your voice

Cost: 95 ECD Facilitator: Vanessa Briggs

-Singer/ Songwriter/Acress
-Vocal Producer( Studio Coach)
-Personal Coach to Top Trinidadian & regional Artists/ Singers
-Former Digital Rising Star Mentor/ Judge
-Creator of Singuistics for Singers
-COTT Award Nominee
-International Caribbean Vocal Coach
-Over 20 years of singing experience

Sound Engineering 27th January & 3rd February

A two- day workshop expertly designed to cover the wide range of skills and knowledge involved in live audio recording and music production and suitable for individuals who deal with smaller or large sound systems (PAs); whether in front or behind the stage.

Cost: $80 EC
Location: Seminar room, Le Phare Bleu, Petit Calivigny

Day 1:
– Knowledge of the physical basics of acoustics
– The structure of the human ear 
– Signal flow of an active 2-way PA from the microphone to the loudspeaker
– Types of cables (balanced, un-balanced, speaker) and proper handling of cables
– Usage of DI-boxes, microphones (function, types, characteristics) and larger sound distribution system
– Analog and digital signals, signal flow and functionality of a mixing board
– Installation of a professional stage.

Day 2:
– Practical work at the mixing console
– Introduction to the use signal processors (reverb, delays, EQ) and dynamics processors (compressor, gates)
– Planning and execution of a PA system (dimensioning of a system, set-up (location of components) and wiring -including function control and the calibration of a PA system
– Set up of a standard backline (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals), miking and soundcheck.

Cost: $80 EC
Location: Seminar room, Le Phare Bleu, Petit Calivigny

Dieter Burkhalter, Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Musician

Dieter managed a music store and music school in Switzerland for 25 years. He was also founder of the music venue SCALA in Wetzikon where he was responsible for the sound equipment. As a musician and provider of music equipment he knows both sides of the stage: ON STAGE AS A MUSICIAN and FRONT OF HOUSE as a promoter and sound engineer. In his music shop, he sold studio equipment, live equipment and instruments and gained a lot of knowledge of all aspects of live sound.



Voice. Q&A Session. Monday 4th April 2016, 4.30pm

Eddie Bullen & Band:

Piano, Bass, Drums. Today’s Musician and Music Business. Tuesday 5th April 2016, 1pm

Roman Weissert:

Saxophone. How to be NOT an annoying Sax player. Thursday 7th April 2016, 1pm

Zara Mc Farlane:

Jazz Workshop, Vocal Performances. Thursday 7th April 2016, 3pm

Junior Giscombe:

Voice. Q&A Session. Friday 8th April, 1pm

Hendrix Ackle:

Piano. The Art of Accompanying. Saturday 9th April 2016, 1pm